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    Art works

    The Art Society places human beings in the eternal quest of our destination, we often discover ourselves to things that are next to us and we have not suspected. The renewal of the issues and aesthetics in the Renaissance, the beautiful compositions, lend great sensation in the humanitarian and mythological themes when we decorate the rooms of a sunny Aegean hotel.

    The currents of art, the special personality and temperament of the creators of impressionism, the vibrant colors and the unusual angles, cause to customers of LA PISCINE ART HOTEL in Skiathos a wonderful combination of mental and aesthetic relaxation. The Art designer is the well known in art lovers’ community as Nikos Angelidis, who with great care and elegance gives a touch of an artistic element in La Piscine Art Hotel in Skiathos. In addition to great taste, brothers Makis and Costas Ntonopoulos transformed the hotel into a high aesthetic gallery.

    The expressionism of Manoli Polymeri at the reception and the lobby bar gets distracted with the plastic decoration and the painters that decorate the rooms and the hotel are inspired by the most expressive period of art, the Renaissance and the Academy of Fine Arts in France. Handmade rugs of various sizes to accommodate your room while the Galle vases and the antique of the 18th century from various parts of the world, complements the decor perfectly justifying the designation of the hotel, Skiathos Art Hotel.

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